v.1.3 (March 13, 2014):
  • Added: 2 extra Nav Tags (total of 9).
  • Added: Group posting compatibility (optional).
  • Added: Support for images tagged ‘instagram’ be in real size.
  • Added: Option to swap primary / secondary navigation.
  • Added: Option to place secondary navigation on footer.
  • Added: Option to reverse pagination.
  • Added: Submit link on top nav (optional).
  • Added: Audio (cover) Thumbnails.
  • Added: Video (image) Thumbnails.
  • Added: Footer Code text field (optional).
  • Fixed: Minor tweaks in the smaller screen view.
  • Fixed: Tags spacing.
  • Updated: Photoset is now using the responsive code.
  • Updated: FitVids to version 1.1.
v.1.2 (June 18, 2013):
  • Added: Answer Post type.
  • Added: Option for logo font size.
  • Added: Option for body text font family and size.
  • Added: Option for titles colors.
  • Fixed: Option for font family and color for text and headings.
  • Changed: Article meta info above Disqus comments.
v.1.1 (June 6, 2013):
  • Added: Disqus Comments (optional).
  • Added: Smaller images on content pages (optional).
  • Added: Option to center tagline.
  • Added: New Like / Reblog buttons.
  • Fixed: Tumblr original photoset layout fixed (optional).
  • Fixed: CSS Share bar (text alignment).
  • Fixed: Logo (text version) spacing in mobile version.
  • Fixed: FitVids include (removed wrapper).
  • Fixed: Remove underline from logo.

v.1.0 (April 22, 2013):
  • Release of this theme
Photographica Tumblr Theme Screenshot

Photographica Tumblr Theme by Misspato

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